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How Gardens Can Increase the Value of Your House

Gardens can be great for adding to a property’s appeal and attracting potential buyers, but did you know they can actually add up to 20% to your house’s value if kept right?

Sprucing up the garden space before you sell can offer some pretty substantial rewards, not only adding value to your property, but also potentially attracting more interested buyers, and therefore more offers to choose from.

However, this doesn’t mean your garden needs to look like it belongs in Chelsea Flower Show, there are a number of simple things you can do that might potentially increase your home’s value.

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Maintain the Garden

As with the property overall, potential buyers will want to see a well-kept home – this extending out into your garden. Keeping any outdoor space as neat and tidy as you can makes it a more attractive and enjoyable place to be in, and can also enhance your property’s appeal.

You can help to maintain a garden with a few simple chores, including regularly cutting the grass, making sure all weeds are removed and trimming back any overgrown bushes.

If your fence is looking a little worn, it might also help to give it a fresh coat of paint, keeping things looking fresh and well-kept.

Does It Offer Privacy?

Another important things to consider when wanting to maximise your garden’s value is its privacy. Making sure your garden has a fence to separate it from neighbours, and adding other garden features to ensure the space isn’t overlooked can go a long way in making it feel safer and more private.

Additionally, you can help to enhance both the space’s privacy and security by adding locks to any sheds or gates within it. Adding these elements of security can help to provide a more private, and therefore more relaxed, environment – ensuring the space feels truly the homeowner’s, and that measures have been made to help secure this.

Consider Adding New Features

It might also be good to consider adding new features to enhance your garden’s appeal. There are a range of different features you can add to your garden, including a greenhouse, a shed, or a water feature – creating a relaxing atmosphere in the space.

It’s also good to separate your garden into distinct areas, each serving different purposes. For example, you could have an area for relaxing and entertaining guests, perhaps with a BBQ and some comfy outdoor seating. Another area could be for growing vegetables in, potentially within a nice, stylish greenhouse.

While there are a lot of improvements you can make to your garden, it’s best not to go overboard, and make sure the space is still easy to maintain so that you don’t put off buyers.

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A well-maintained and designed garden can add as much as 20% to the overall value of your property - or certainly help when selling

Small Finishing Touches

It might also be nice to add a few small finishing touches to your garden before viewings. These can be easy to make, but could go a long way in enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Speaking to a quality property developer can always advise on how to bring out the most value in your garden, especially in terms of design and how it fits in with the house.

Adding a few potted plants around the garden can help to freshen up the space, while some subtle warm lights and blankets on the outdoor furniture can help to give it a homely, cosy feel, perfect for unwinding during the evenings.

Final Thoughts

There’s lots of things you can do to help spruce up your garden as you get ready to sell, not all of which will cost you a fortune. Simply maintaining your garden, keeping it neat and tidy while making sure the layout looks attractive to potential buyers, can all go a long way in pulling offers in.

However, if you want to go that extra mile with some new, easily maintained features, you could potentially add some serious value to the house.