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Things to Consider When Choosing an Interior Designer

Interior design can help to optimise your space, not only in terms of looks, but also functionality. Interior design is a crucial component in creating an enjoyable environment to be in, and often takes careful consideration as well as expert advice.

Having a property that reflects the right character for the space is crucial in maximising the functionality of it. When considering significant interior design projects, it’s therefore important to consider enlisting the help of a professional interior designer to effectively execute your vision for the space.

Be it only a room or the entire property, getting the right interior designer for your project can help you in translating the ideas you have for the space out into the space itself.

Such interior designers can help you create an optimal layout, choose the right materials for your project, as well as recommending colour schemes, lighting and so much more. In addition to this, interior designers can also conduct such revisions to your space whilst effectively managing deadlines and budgets, as well as providing technical expert knowledge throughout.

Whilst interior designers are crucial in property development, there are a few important things to consider to help you choose the best one for your project. Through this guide, we’ll be looking into some of the top things to consider to help ensure you choose an interior designer fit for your project.

What Style Does the Interior Designer Have?

Interior designers should always work to the brief you have provided them with, prioritising your own unique style and preferences. That being said, it may help you to decide by looking at their previous projects via portfolios on their website etc.

If certain interior designers have done a significant amount of projects around the same type of style you’d like for your own, it may be best to shortlist these, helping you to narrow down your decision to those experienced in the styles your project is aiming for.

Looking through interior designers’ portfolios can also help you get some inspiration for your own project. Perhaps you may notice something in these portfolios you’d never considered before but like the look of and could potentially include in your own project – e.g. a colour scheme, furniture styles, a certain layout.


A good interior designer can make good use of space, lighting and functionality - and it can boost the value of your property

Is It Always Best to Go Local?

Being in close proximity can make site visits and meetings a lot easier. For those with projects in or around Hertfordshire, it can help to work with a company based in the area. It’s best to explore the options available to you within your area before settling on a designer. For more information, see property developers in Hertfordshire

Additionally, you may find your project extends past just interior design, meaning you may be looking for a more comprehensive offering of services for your property development project. If you’re in need of property development-related service other than interior design, it might be best to find a company that can accommodate to all of the services you require.

See Examples of Their Interior Design Work

As with hiring any type of service, it’s good to look at a designer’s references to get a better idea of what they’d bring to your project. It can help if potential candidates can put you in touch with any of their previous clients, which might even enable you to see some of their finished works.

Failing that, it’s always great to explore designer’s portfolios to get a feel for their quality of work, and furthermore what they’d be able to bring to your project if hired.

Getting a Feel for Your Working Relationship

Different people will want different levels of input into their property development projects. It’s important to discuss how much you’d want to be involved in the design process with any potential candidates, and try to get a feel with how that dynamic would play out with said candidate before making your decision.

It’s important to go with a designer that best accommodates to your wants and needs from the project, helping to ensure it runs as smoothly, and as much in line with your specified requirements, as possible.